Our Bottles

Not only are our ingredients chosen from the abundant natural area around us but we also wanted to make a vessel inspired by our historic landmarks and made from natural elements. Therefore, the choice to make porcelain ceramic bottles through a process called slip casting.

The first step in this process was creating a mould like the one seen below, and this required the skills of a craftsman with many years of experience, to bring a concept to life.

The formation of the cast happens when the plaster of Paris wicks moisture away from the clay on the sides, forming a semi-rigid shell, or what we like to call greenware. The additional slip in the centre is poured out, leaving space for gin later.

This greenware is then left to dry so that it is not too soft and malleable, until we can begin a process called fettling which is smoothing out any joins left by the mould. Removing any rough edges.

At this stage the bottle might still have some moisture in it and be cool to the touch. We rest it a little longer until it reaches the bone-dry stage, whereafter it is fired in our kiln at the Cape Saint Blaize brand home.

Our hope is that in the years to come we will be able to pass these skills on too many members of our community, empowering individuals and adding benefit to our beautiful town.   

 Cape Saint Blaize Mould