Our Home

Cape Saint Blaize Artisanal Distillery is located at 1 Market street, Mossel Bay. It is located next to the Cafe Gannet restaurant and Bartolomeu Diaz Museum in the Old Post Tree square, forming part of the greater Diaz Museum complex. Our Cape Saint Blaize brand home is located in the historic Ochre Barn.

This barn was built in 1786/7 to store grain brought in by the farmers until there was enough for a shipload. This saved them a 2-3 month trip by ox-wagon. The store was demolished in 1951 and then reconstructed in 1987 from original plans found in the Archives of the Castle, Cape Town.

The Ochre Barn was built in 1849 for Barry & Nephews. By 1865 it had been enlarged, and modernised from 2000-2007, which today is called the Cape Saint Blaize Artisanal Distillery – in Market street.

Cape Saint Blaize The Ochre Barn